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Flying 26 & 27 July 2014

Thanks to everyone up on the weekend for helping out and making both days happen. For those learning to drive the winch, well done and keep up the good work (and to those teaching and supervising those learning, thank you for your patience and persistence).

There was some thermal activity on both days, although Sunday was a little bit better than Saturday for the thermals. Ben Carter and Derek Spencer got to 4300’ today and had a 53 minute flight. On one flights with Ben and Derek got to 2250’ indicated on the launch (i.e. 1900’ AGL) in the K13. Awesome stuff. Despite the wind dropping off to less than 5 kts on the ground late in the day, Jarryd Ligertwood reported getting 2700’ indicated on the launch in the K8. Who needs an aero-tow when you can winch launch to over 2000’ AGL!