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Flying 23 & 24 June 2012

We had a fun weekend at Stonefield.  Highlights were:

  • We flew both days using aerotow
  • Tom Wilksch organised an awesome dinner on Saturday night
  • Cathy Conway made a serious bid for this year’s creative rim award
  • The second K8 was safely stored at Stonefield untill we are ready to do the survey
  • The air cadets displayed their teamwork by applying the giant log which has been sitting out the back of the clubhouse to the fire.  A warm night was had by all
  • Cathy sprayed the weeds around hangars etc.
  • Maintenance slashing was completed on runway 16/34
  • Tom completed tractor/slasher conversion.

However, the carby on the rear engine of the truck winch is leaking petrol.  Ted Bowden from BVGC is organizing to get it resolved.