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Flying 16 & 17 November 2013

Both days looked great on the forecast but Saturday, turned out to be the better of the 2 days!

On Saturday morning we rigged the Pik. A huge thanks to Derek Spencer in particular and all who helped work on the Pik over winter. There is a huge improvement in the mechanical aspects of the glider and she’s flying smoother and easier than ever before.

We were hosts to the cadets who were also being observed by Sean Jorgensen-Day who was there to see how we operated. He indicated he was impressed with the safety of our operation. We should all give ourselves a pat on the back and keep working on improving our safety standards and culture.

3 students had multiple circuits each. Leigh Killmier, who also drove the winch when he wasn’t flying, ran the launch point and donated his car as airfield vehicle. A massive, thank you tol Leigh and cadets Jamon Barnes and Greg Cook who all got some flying in.

Leigh Stokes took the Astir for another cross country. The day proved a little tricky and after amazing us all with his persistance at getting away achieved Blanchetown return, not bad for a late launch.Sarah Allen planned a cross country in the Pik to Waikerieand return but time restraints meant she only made it about 20kms past Blanchetown before coming home.

Sunday was supposed to be better but proved even trickier. Leigh and Derek Spencer were the only members flying and  it was a hard day.Big congratulations go to Leigh who not only did ANOTHER cross country to Waikerie but also stuck it out and achieved his 5 hour flight.Derek being crew stayed closer to home but also managed nearly 3 hours of flying, that’s 8 hours by 2 members in one day!!!