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Flinders Ranges Wave

Saturday was a terrific day with ridge soaring from Rawnsleys Bluff to Bridal Gap. With string lift and exciting steep ridges rising 2,000 feet there were many flights of over 2 hours.

Sunday was a wave day, with the Scutters both having huge long flights 5,000 feet above the clouds! Matthew Scutter got to 11,500 and Michael Scutter was very happy with 8,500! Add to that some good ridge soaring. Mark Newton made it hard for himself by releasing too early, then took a relight and ended up with a flight in two wave systems, one going to about 8,500′ and the other topping out at 9,000-ish. Others got to 10,000′ plus.

Monday was a little softer with climbs under cu to 5,000 and some close ridge soaring.  Matthew was not convinced with Michael’s report of not a lot of lift, so he headed of for a 3hour plus flight to 6,000′ quite often! He returned from Leigh Creek via Parachilna (on the way out) around the back of the Pound, and Wilpena on the way back. A total of 245km.