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Flinders Camp 2014

Another fun weekend was had by all at Rawnsley over the June long weekend.

All the flying happened on the ridge between the Bluff and Pt Bonney. Saturday and Monday morning were the best days, with Sunday working for a few hours in the morning before dying out later on.

Monday morning produced beautiful little cap clouds over the top of Pt Bonney and ridge lift both underneath and above them. The lift was smooth and predictable compared to the choppier stuff we had on Saturday. Jess and Cath Conway brought the Dimona over to join Tom Wilksch, Derek Spencer and Gabrielle on the ridge.

The following people deserve some big thank yous

  • Redmond Quinn for helping out at West Beach and towing the K13 there and back including the Stonefield to Adelaide leg.  A lot of driving!
  • Derek Spencer for the majority of the building work on the new multirole trailer.  It worked a treat and will be even better once the dollies are tweaked a bit.
  • Leigh S for also putting in a load of work on the trailer
  • Cath Conway for towing all weekend, as well as ferrying the Dimona
  • Greg for helping tow the Pik and 6×4 trailers
  • Anyone else we’ve missed!

Looking forward to next year!