Privacy Policy

This site is operated by the Adelaide University Gliding Club Inc., a not-for-profit organisation with a turnover of less than $3 million per year. It is therefore not subject to the Privacy Act. However, every effort is made to comply with the spirit of that legislation.

This site is used to obtain information from you through the registration, my profile and booking pages. This information will be used by the club solely in connection with its operations. The information collected by the club about you will not be provided to another person or organisation except as follows:

  • Your email address and telephone numbers will be displayed to authorised users when they click on your name in a flying roster.
  • Your name, and the dates that you have booked, will be included in automated emails sent out to the augc-people mailing list
  • Your personal details may be released to Airservices Australia, Bureau of Air Safety Investigation, Civil Aviation Safety Authority and\or law enforcement agencies if you are involved in an aviation related incident.
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