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A BIG thanks to every one who helped out at O’Week from rigging the glider, to manning the desk and talking to people, to derigging the glider at the end of each day. We ended up collecting over 90 names which is a HUGE improvement over last year when I think we barely got 30 names.

Some factors I believe contributed to this was:

  1. Location
    Last year we were on the Maths Lawn WAAAAYYYYY down the end near Frome Road, which didn’t give us much exposure. This year, we were at the top of the stairs above the Barr Smith Library and outside The Hub Central, so there was a lot of traffic going past which meant we got noticed.
  2. Photo Board and Info Sheets
    Gabrielle put together a photo board showing the winch and the gliders. There was Leigh’s amazing photo from the Pik doing a loop and some great photos from the Flinders trip last year. Apart from the glider on display, the photo board seem to grab people’s attention when they came over to the desk and really helped when explaining some of the stuff about the club. Leigh also put together some information about the Pik and had a printout about his recent 708km XC flight including a trace of the flight. A lot of people were simply amazed about what Leigh achieved in that flight.
  3. Persons at the Desk
    This year, Gabrielle was on the desk Monday and Tuesday and got 75 names in those two days. Derek Spencer managed to scrap another 15 or so on Wednesday.

Anyway, a big thanks again to EVERYONE that helped with O’Week. The challenge will now be to convert those expressions of interest into members. Derek will send out more emails over the coming weeks as to when we will be running AEF Days. With 90 people potentially wanting to try gliding, we are going to be pretty busy over the next few months, so please help out where you can and make any new members feel welcome.

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