Learning to Fly

The First Step

The best way to start is to book an Air Experience Flight for an introductory price with the contact person. This includes:

  • Up to 25 mins flying time with a fully qualified instructor
  • Demonstration and practice of primary controls
  • Opportunity to experience a winch launch and/or flight in a self-launching motorglider
  • Aerobatics on demand

We can offer you additional flying at regular club rates if you have a great time and want more.

What Next?

If you decide you would like to become a glider pilot, just book in for your next training day with the contact person or register with us and then use the online booking system on this site to add yourself to the flying list directly. Training slots are limited to ensure that every trainee is able to spend quality time with their instructor, so book early.

In addition to practical training, the club instructors will teach you aircraft theory. You can download the Basic Gliding Knowledge book (8Mb).

To thank you for choosing to learn to fly with us, we'll give you a discount off your membership fees if you return to train within a month of your Air Experience Flight. We require you to be an AUGC and Adelaide University Sports Association (AUSA) member before you can claim concession rates, if you're eligible. Also, in order to legally assume control of a glider, you need to be a member of the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA). Since you will be controlling the glider yourself during your training you will need to either take out full membership with the GFA or pay a small fee to become a temporary member each time you visit the airfield.

There are training packages available that offer a significant discount off normal flying rates. The price varies depending on your status (outlined below). These packages include everything you need to get yourself solo (subject to terms).

Of course, you don't have to opt in for a package deal if you don't want to. If you would prefer to pay as you go, the full fees document for AUGC is here.

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