AUGC shares the airfield at Stonefield with the Barossa Valley Gliding Club. On field we have several aircraft hangars, a clubhouse, bunkhouse, and most importantly a fire pit. The countryside surrounding the airfield is ideal for gliding.

There is a daily charge for use of the airfield.


When the day's flying is complete, another brand of fun begins! Most Saturday nights are typified by a BBQ, a few beers, and a bonfire. There's also a TV in the clubhouse with crystal-clear digital reception, a DVD player, a nice set of speakers and even a table tennis table!


The bunkhouse at Stonefield is a great place to get a few hours of rest in before the next day's flying. Housing a few queen-sized beds and several bunk beds, there's plenty of room for all.

West Beach Maintenance Facility

Gliders have to be inspected regularly. AUGC has members qualified to carry out inspections and repairs to gliders in its fleet. With seven gliders, any assistance is always welcome. There are always other projects in progress at West Beach that could do with a helping hand or two.

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